Magic Helicopter Press


4 15 2015

So great to see old faces and meet new ones at AWP! We loved putting all our books on a dirty Southwestern blanket that a spider fell out of. We also loved sharing a table with our sizzling buds at Big Lucks. Independent literature is alive and well!

Plus, Jordan Stempleman's fabulous new collection Wallop has been released and is ready to meet the world!

Jordan Stempleman's most accomplished collection to date, these new poems crunch through the dirty snow of trying to love when love is gone, heaving from room to room, humming from joke to dark, car to gym, chainsaws and milkweed, bathroom faucets that fall apart in your hands, history private and public, men shaving in the public water fountain.

Order yours today!

We are so so so nearly ready to announce the rest of our 2015 catalog, which will include our first ever open reading period. Stay tuned!

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