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• 9 22 2015 •

!!! We've announced our open reading period selections, and Simon Joyner's book is open for pre-orders! !!!

Our lungs are clean, our olives are shined, and we are thrilled to announce two things 1) our selections from our recent open reading period, and 2) pre-orders for our newest title: Simon Joyner's Only Love Can Bring You Peace: Selected Lyrics (1990-2014)!

Let's start with our newest title: Simon Joyner's Only Love Can Bring You Peace: Selected Lyrics (1990-2014). We received the following mysterious alien tape to our office, and by some lucky coincidence it turned out to be a book trailer:

This book features a handsome, focused collection of Simon's lyrics, a foreword by Dennis Callaci, illustrations, and some other surprises.

Our special broadside pre-order offer is over—thanks to all who partook! You can still pre-order now to save some money!

Click the cover below to learn more and to pre-order!

And now, the open reading period selections!

First off, thank you to everyone who sent us manuscripts! Wow—so much great stuff out there, and it was so great to read work by people we've never read before, as well as discover new work by folks who turned out to be old friends.

And special thanks to Assistant Editor Rebekah Hewitt for her help reading poetry and chapbook manuscripts!

And we also had a satisfying time putting together approximately 4,863,453,629 custom PDF catalog samplers as thanks for everyone's reading fee support. Our reading fees were a choice of $2 to $5, and in turn everyone got to choose three MHP titles to form a 30 to 60 page sampler of excerpts.

Our series selections below will form the bulk of our 2016 catalog, which we couldn't be happier about! Instead of having one "winner" for each series and then a list of "finalists," we decided to embrace the fact this was never a contest and just publish all our favorites as series selections.

We hope to introduce each author and manuscript to you with a special interview series that we'll be running through the rest of this year.

Without further ado, the selections (and a little about the people behind the names of each series):

Phew, that's all pretty exciting! But don't forget about our newest release: Mike Krutel's chapbook Fogland!

I'll let Catherine Wing describe this sucker:

Fogland is about making music and it’s about making noise, and it’s where the seams of music and noise and making come together. The book percusses and plumbs us as it spreads its quiver-nerves from brain to spine to hand. Full of streak and wonder-ridden, it bleats, it burns, it lights, and it lightnings. The poem resonates as it reverbs. Using Hopkins and Stein as a launch site, Krutel chooses sound over sense as his primary tool for making meaning and in the full sense of the transitive he fathoms the world as he fashions it.”

It's out now! Order it!

Finally, what was it like tabling at the Pitchfork Music Festival from July 17th through July 19th under the grand tent of the Book Fort?

Well, we had a lot of fun, we saw great music we already knew we were going to like (hi Future Islands, Run the Jewels, Courtney Barnett, New Pornos, and Chance the Rapper), and we discovered new music (hi Bully and Natalie Prass)!

We also had books from some of our Portland press friends who couldn't make it:

Burnside Books
Future Tense Books
Perfect Day Publishing
Octopus Books
YesYes Books

In fact, we had so many books that MHP Art Director Jenelle Stafford bought two new fancy blankets from a thrift store in Louisville, KY to display them.

Hey, if you're still here, you might want to read about our next title, Ben Hersey's The Autograph of Steve Industry, coming late 2015 / early 2016.

Of Ben Hersey's debut novel, I can't give away too much yet, but what if I say "North Shore Massachusetts Barry Hannah doing jumping jacks in his own heart?"

What if I drop this teaser link?

What if, for now, until the official press release, I just invite you to click the picture below and see a video of the legendary Ben Hersey, performer, poet, professor, novelist, resident of Easthampton, MA:

Of course, you're not kicking me out without me reminding you of the book we put out earlier this year: Jordan Stempleman's fabulous new collection Wallop! It's still new!

Jordan Stempleman's most accomplished collection to date, these new poems crunch through the dirty snow of trying to love when love is gone, heaving from room to room, humming from joke to dark, car to gym, chainsaws and milkweed, bathroom faucets that fall apart in your hands, history private and public, men shaving in the public water fountain.

There you have it. See you in the olive grove!

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