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by Rex Renée Leonowicz

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When There Is No One
and There Is Everyone

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8.5x7.25 | Perfectbound | 180 pg
ISBN: 978-0-9964143-3-3
First edition: August 2017

Ted Hawkins Innovative Poetry Series


"There is no wish you were here / without you wish," say the friends keeping the sun in each other. Little church of lost accents coming back in unison, bay to river to aubade.

A collage-like mixtape of techniques and influences, When There Is No One and There Is Everyone explores how to story a self to life in an unjust world, where gentrification and intersecting oppressions play themselves out in the intimate geographies of bodies, minds, and cities.

Rex Renée Leonowicz's debut collection of poems and illustrations is a celebration of friendship, freakdom, and what it means when people on the margins come together to rough it out in tough times.


Rex Renée Leonowicz is a multimedia artist, performer, writer, and activist from Queens, New York. As a poor/working class, trans/nonbinary femme, Rex’s art and performance work is grounded in a politics of radical resistance, healing, and witness.

Rex is a gender-bending, genre-blending artist whose work critically responds to the relationships people on the margins have with our surroundings and each other.

S/he holds an M.F.A. in Poetry from Mills College and a B.A. in Gender & Women’s Studies & Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College.


"[if we don't tell someone]" (from "The Poem That Won't Stop") in Shampoo
in Bodies of Work


“Leonowicz’s debut collection is a real gem of performance text, illustration, and poetry, that will charm the reader with its political awareness, frank humor, and downright sweetness.”

Unnameable Books


“this collection is evidence of floriferous liberation. there are more queer youth & we’re coming out younger than ever before in the hrstory of humanity, of globalization, & here is why you will want these tales of lived words to recall, rally, & recant directly from the poet, non-binary, beauty truth seeker h / e /r them self.”

Bonfire Madigan Shive, founding member of Tattle Tale and The Icarus Project

“I see myself within these poems, my longing for home, family, friendships, sweethearts—and adventures in between. Leonowicz reminds us that we are all of these things: the subway stops, the bagel shops, rainbow cookie, glittery stoop kid, weirdo. We are never too far from home, we are everywhere and everyone—even when there is no one.”

Jova Lynne, co-founder of FLEX, a collective dedicated to uplifting the voices of marginalized artists

“These are poems in search of a relationship with queer bodies and lives that isn’t only about hope or heartbreak, a relationship with the city that isn’t just about creation or destruction, and a relationship with an embodied self beyond broken posturing or hollow rhetoric.”

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, author of The End of San Francisco

“In these poems you will find many desires, many hearts, and many games, but throughout you will hear a loud, pulsating heart working furiously and diligently, bearing witness to the heartache of past and present.”

Ro Garrido, interdisciplinary artist

“Rex dedicates when there is no one and there is everyone to ‘my friends, because we are everywhere.’ If I had to describe this book in one sentence I might say it’s a long brilliant love poem devoted to the political possibilities of friendship, that rejects linear time for queer temporality, simultaneous, moving in all directions, devoted to the political problems of the places where its lovers find one another: the classroom, the club, the community center. The gentrified neighborhood. But it would be impossible, to describe this book in one sentence, it would miss so much, all it contains and all it can’t, in lines unfolding with heart beating musical and intellectual ardor.”

Stephanie Young, author of Ursula or University



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